A Cute Starter Home (A Build Walkthrough)

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I found a photo of the house I built in a Facebook group. Unfortunately, due to copyright and trademark laws, I am not comfortable sharing the original photo on my website. This is because the original poster did not credit the person who took the original photo. Once I get that credit, I’ll happily share the inspiration photo for this home.

This would make the perfect starter home for a single or newly married Sim couple. I could also see a college student living here. The bedroom has a double bed, which makes it perfect for a couple. The bedroom contains the standard items such as a bed, dresser, and night tables. However, it also has a bay window for seating, a desk complete with a computer, and a wall-mounted television.

The bathroom has a washer and dryer unit as well as a tub/shower combination. Plush area rugs line the floor for anti-slip appeal in the bathroom and throughout the home. Plants hang from the ceiling for a little bit of a romantic ambiance.

Upon walking into the home, you walk up onto a deck. Opening the door, you enter a foyer that leads into an open floor concept living/dining/kitchen space. 

The living room space has a sofa, book case and television for relaxing. There is also an easel, for the artisan Sim to practice their painting.

The kitchen/dining area has a table for four, but you can add an additional two chairs at either end of the table to feed six people. The kitchen has the basics- a refrigerator, sink, stove/oven combination, sink, microwave and minimal counter space.


The Backyard

The door from the kitchen leads to a back deck that goes to the backyard. The deck consists of a grill, bar, and a picnic table. 

The backyard itself has a lot of plants, bushes and plenty of greenery. It also has a hot tub and a pool for lounging and enjoyment.

Newcrest is an up-and-coming town with a lot of potential. It is the perfect spot to start a family, or to graduate from college and get that first job! There are a lot of places to fish, garden and gather together as a community.

To download this lot, you’ll need an available 30 x 20 lot space available. Please make sure to use the cheat bb.moveobjects before placing the lot, as I used that to place some of the items like the pool. It is up now on the Gallery. My Gallery ID is Bethkozlowski. Please do let me know if you download it and use it for any of your Sims stories! I have posted a video below of the home as well as some other images.



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