I have always wanted to refurbish and redecorate abandoned sims homes from the Gallery. The problem is, I’ve been too scared. I never considered myself much of a designer.

However, after my friend Joree requested the Hacienda ranch, I decided why not? I met my new friend Jessica in a Sims 4 group on Facebook this way. She posted a bunch of the shells that she had made, and I loved each and every one of them.

Jessica shared this adorable Mediteranean abandoned home. I liked the storyline behind it, so I made a Sim for the home and got to work. I also decided to do a Let’s Play with it along with the speed build.

Jessica’s Gallery ID is SaltyLittleBeach. I highly recommend checking out her other shells!

I’ve added a video explaining what this new segment is about. I hope you enjoy watching me play test and remodel this shell as much as I love playing and building it!

The backstory of this home is that there was a couple who lived there. The wife had an affair with the Gardener. According to Jessica, the husband found out and unalived them and fled.

The home has been abandoned since. That is, until my Sim, Kristen Sharp came along. Read below for Kristen’s backstory.

Introducing Kristen Sharp

Kristen Sharp is the newest resident in Newcrest. Years after the husband fled, the abandoned home went on the market. Kristen, the new neighborhood witch was looking for a fresh start. She wanted to live somewhere where her friends and neighbors would accept her for who she was.

Not only does she aspire to be a talented witch, but also a baker and gardener. As she levels up her skills, she intends to open a potions and herb apothecary. She also plans to make nectar and freshly baked goods as side gigs.

Since the murder of the Gardener and the wife, Newcrest has more or less become abandoned. It was once a hustling and bustling city with tons of activities and restaurants. However, the people of Newcrest dispersed as they were afraid the husband could come for them next.

Kristen was a breath of fresh air. Though weary of her skills as a witch, she quickly earned the trust of the people of Newcrest. Will she help rebuild the city to what it once was, if not make it even better? Only time will tell!




Hi, my name is Beth. I have been an avid Simmer for the last 20 years or so. I own all of the Sims 4 packs and kits, and would be happy to accept build requests!



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